Manpower Staffing

We provide staffing solutions to both Blue and White colored job requirements. We have a database of blue and white collared staff that best suit your job requirement. OMB provides accommodation and transportation facilities for its blue collared staff through the 17 camps and hostels it owns. We offer both our blue and white collared staff the best Insurance Coverage – Medical, Workmen Compensation, Third party Liability, Fidelity and Employer Liability Insurance

White collar

You as an employer will benefit extensively by outsourcing white-collared employees from OMB. There are certain benefits by doing so. You will get highly skilled employees who will get extensively screened by us to fit into your requirement seamlessly. The training part an other HR processes will be taken care of by us. The safety of your Highly Skilled personnel is our responsibility.

Blue collar

As a Blue Collar recruitment agency we give you an immense scope to save money by managing for you all other Human Resource Management activities. Once you are clear about what services you are looking for, we will manage rest of the things effectively for you. It is upto you whether you are looking for temporary or Permanent Blue-collared employees. It all depends on the industry the work is assigned to. Depending on this you might prefer to hire an employee only during peak times or when there is a recession in employment rate. OMB offers you a plethora of options to choose from.

Flexi Staffing

Flexi staffing or temporary staffing is a fast growing outsourcing service. Through this facility we help you to hire independent contractors, par-time employees or temporary employees to cater to staff requirement. Flexi staffing comes with a few advantages like the legal requirements and other restrictions for this service are comparatively lesser. It is also cheaper. We provide flexi staffing services for - On call services, receptionists, front office, office boys and accountants.

On-call services

OMB’s On Call services makes you save a lot of money. We cater to all types of customer services related problems. The range of our services stetch from credit card to warranty related issues. We either help you with our own in-house services and in rare cases depute it to some outside specialist.

Receptionists/Front office

Once again it is a money saving deal. If you outsource your receptionist or front office services your work will be done efficiently from an outsourced answering service. Many of your problems will trickle down; OMB helps you with highly professional Front Office personnel who are thoroughly trained to offer effective and conscientious services. Rest ensured that by collaborating with OMB you will have front office coverage round the clock.

Office Boys

Training and efficacy of your outsourced Office Boys from OMB is our concern.


By hiring Accountants from OMB your business will never see a sunset. Your outsourced personnel will cater to the requirements to the customers from different geographical locations and time frames all the time. Isn’t it a magnificent feat? You are sleeping, yet your business processes are in full swing. By doing so, you will certainly gain a competitive advantage in the market and would escalate the levels of your customer commitment and trustworthiness.

Services outsourcing

Our Business Process Outsourcing has different types of functionalities. We offer outsourcing solutions for business functions that includes billing and purchasing services, marketing and technology services. Other than these we also offer verification, document collections, delivery services, data management and help set up a contact center.


OMB takes it as an utmost responsibility to verify the documents and collect and secure them before the personnel start offering their services to you. For us it is a highly meticulous and stringent process to ensure that there are no unforeseen lapses in the future.

Document collections

OMB takes it as an utmost responsibility to verify the documents and collect and secure them before the personnel start offering their services to you. For us it is a highly meticulous and stringent process to ensure that there are no unforeseen lapses in the future.

Delivery services

According to the latest statistics, delivery services save almost 50% of your earnings. In house or out house deliveries isn’t an easy task. Delivery services might incur unnecessary and additional expenditure. Secondly, delivery in time might be a biggest obstacle. We inevitably, as a business have to ensure that deliveries are in time, for an optimal customer satisfaction. By outsourcing Delivery Services from OMB you will save time and increase efficiency.

Data management

While you outsource data management services to OMB. You can focus thoroughly on your companies’ core competencies. OMB helps you with quick data processing. We procure meaningful information and analytics from your data, to help grow your business.

Contact center

OMB is one of the best and leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) partners in UAE. The data that you share with us during the period, i. e., ranging from your enquiry to freezing an opportunity, will be kept absolutely confidential. In order to get wonderful insights into increasing your business revenues while controlling costs, get in touch with our Contact Center. For all Business, General and Corporate enquiries contact us at: Etisalat Academy, Muhaisnah 2, Dubai The information that you share with us will not be shared with any third party.

Permanent Recruitment Services

It is quite a difficult task to find appreciable talent and recruit them. Our permanent recruitment services will help you find the right talent that suits a job requirement perfectly. We will spend time with you to understand the nature of the job, responsibilities and the required skillset for the position. We involve in the recruitment process right from screening the right candidate to successful induction into the organization.

HR Services

OMB’s HR services encompass but are not restricted to payroll processing, employee appraisal and career counseling services. We are theoretically and technologically equipped to deliver HR services to a large workforce. We also undertake HR Services like ‘Training’ which will be provided in OMB’s own sister concern Etisalat Academy.